“Jimmy Burgess has been a guest speaker multiple times for us. His delivery was welcoming and he always inspires us to reach new levels. I would highly recommend Jimmy Burgess for anyone that needs a speaker that can elevate any conference or meeting to a higher level of inspiration.”
-Crystal Appel
Avid Coordinator

Is your team, organization, or group ready to be inspired?

Think Jimmy Burgess!

This is Jimmy telling part of his story:

This is Jimmy discussing the impact others have on us:

“Jimmy Burgess was the Keynote Speaker for our 50th Anniversary Banquet. His message was engaging, entertaining, and encouraging. I would highly recommend him for any organization that is looking to have a top of the line event.”
-Johhnie Kay Ealum
Key Club Sponsor

Topics to choose from for your event:

“It Took Me Losing Everything Money Could Buy To Have And Appreciate Everything Money Couldn’t Buy”

My story of bouncing back from bankruptcy.

How to bounce back from anything.

The biggest mistake most people make when trying to bounce back.

Biggest difference between survivors and thrivers.

How to make sure your tomorrows are better than your yesterdays.

“How To Be A Published Author Within The Next Two Days”

My English teacher was shocked by this revelation.

The publishing game has changed forever.

How to become a published author for under $100.

How to Tell Your Story and get paid to tell it.

How to turn your mess into your message.

The world needs your story.

“Double Your Sales This Year”

This simple mindset change turned my annual income into my average monthly income in one year!

Understand the new way to market or get left behind.

Top ten ways to sell anything in this economy.

How to find passion for your work.

Focus on the why (the customers and yours)

Action Plan you can implement immediately.

“Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me This When I Was A Teenager”

How teenagers can live their dreams.

Choose your friends wisely, the people you spend time with are who you become.

Our thoughts set the course for our life.

Take action to get results.

Have fun, but don’t play.

Realize how valuable you are and that the world needs you to live your dream life.

Custom speeches can be prepared to meet your needs. To book Jimmy for your next event or to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and budget email jimmy@domorehavemorebemore.com