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  • Dave Freeman


    Greetings from the other coast, WPB, Florida.

    Thanks for the excellent tips concerning a Super Launch on Amazon. We are fine tuning the first six of twelve motivational Kids Picture books, with rhyming verse. I’m studying you presentations as fast as I can find them.

    My biggest challenge is THE MAILING LIST. In the mean time, Connie, my wife and illustrator catches up with our current books and translates them into Spanish, while she designs and maintains our web site and works full time as a computer drafting expert, Connie could probably figure it out, if she didn’t always need to stop to eat and sleep every single night. 🙂 So, I need to step out of the 1970’s College Computer training and learn to use MailChimp (or other) effectively.

    We have a fan base of 50 families that I can add to begin our list. In addition, I have 1,400 connections on LinkedIn (Teachers & Librarians) and I lost my mind and joined 105 FaceBook Author/Reader groups and in theory have 600,000 new friends, who actually are (also) solely interested in selling their own books. Just the possibility of connecting with some of the friends of those connections still keeps me interested in FB.

    BTW, I have an Excel list of those 105 groups, if anyone would like a copy. Maybe someone else can figure a means to make connections with those fans of self-publishing.

    I have only begun to find all of your YouTube videos and I look forward to learning more as we go along. Thanks again.


    Dave Freeman

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    • David,

      I don’t know how your comment slipped through the cracks. I just saw it. I hope you are doing well. Sorry for the delay in responding. Any way I can make it up to you, let me know.